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Tactical Camouflage Outdoor/Work Shoes

Tactical Camouflage Outdoor/Work Shoes

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Sprain ankles, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, blisters are common injuries in tough working conditions from flimsy shoes. These Tactical Indestructible Shoes are not your typical day-to-day shoes. They are built with the toughest materials in the planet to withstand any kind of damage dealt.

  • Made with an Anti-slip sole with anti-smashing features, it pretty much guarantees that your feet will be safe under any circumstances when you put these on. 
  • They are waterproof, your feet will never get wet again.
  • Pierce proof base to prevent nails from getting through the shoes.
  • Protects your toes with a hard plate on the front of the shoes.
  • They are shaped just like trendy running shoes with a unique military twist to it, it can be used for your everyday life and also outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, and camping! 

Note: Please take extra care when taking measurements and refer to the sizing chart for optimal fit.

Shipping: 10-15 days to the US, Australia & most of the European countries. 2-4 weeks to other international countries.

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